Tuesday, 6 December 2011

'Nine Inch Nails - Metal' Sample Filming

Yesterday (5th December) we started the outdoor sample filming in Ilkley, this included some performance (lip syncing) shots mixed in with the narrative of the protagonist being followed/ surveyed. This footage was to get an idea of what the shots would look like, and to spark new ideas for our later filming in Bradford. Today we are going to carry on filming at the bottom of Ilkley before adding this footage to our sample footage back at school, we are hopefully going to have some finished sample footage by the end of the week, that we are going to screen for the rest of the class for feedback and suggestions.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

"NIN - Metal" Original Idea

After receiving feedback from our re-pitch on our idea for the music video, we have re-thought a few aspects of what we're going to include, and as a quick outline: Our video is centered around one protagonist, who is living in a dystopian like world, and has been brainwashed by technology, the video goes through the character (who we decided would be a teenage male) trying to break free from the hold that is over him: this is going to be shown through various scenes, such as him smashing a laptop after being shown staring at the screen. We also have decided to use (as mentioned before) a slow zoom shot of a corridor, which we are going to cut to as the video progresses, eventually having the door at the end of the corridor open at the end of the video to signify the protagonist's freedom.

Facebook Page!

I have just finished setting up a facebook page for our productions company "HBK Productions", as we felt having a twitter and facebook page, as well as the previously created separate blog, would help keep people up to date with what is happening with the music video creation, see the facebook page here.

'NIN - Metal' Treatment

Untitled 1

Monday, 21 November 2011

"NIN - Metal" Costume/Casting

Well this is a subject that we've barely touched upon in full detail in our discussions about the video although we have decided upon using a teenage protagonist this means that we can have another connection with our audience. Because of how 'weird' we have planned our video to be, we would use the protagonist to really give our audience a way into the video.
We haven't really decided upon who else would appear in the video although /I think we do plan on including some basic performance shots but really keeping it to a minimum. 
Of course there are still issues to discuss such as should the singer also be the protagonist (something frequently done across all genres in the music video format) and should the band appear in the video, and if so then in what manner? 
Maybe something closer to 'The perfect Drug' where the other three band members appear as gentlemen dressing in top hats playing violins or later standing on the hill with canes in hand looking into the distance. but then the band have never really appearing in other videos (other than March if the pigs) all that clearly (cameo from Richard Patrick and Robin Fink in Down in It) so we are still debating as to wether we stick to the established Nine Inch Nails 'convention' of the focus just being on the singer.

"NIN - Metal" Corridor scene scouting

Corridor settings can provide a very great location and where better than a school?
I have 2 corridors in school in mind that would be fit for a corridor zoom scene:
The first I have in mind is a corridor in the new building of school on P floor or M floor, these are both very long floors with class rooms and lockers to the side would make for an epic zoom shot with black gaps in-between like the zoom from the trailer of girl in the dragon tattoo.
With the camera gradually zooming in to the end of the track in time with the music.
And the second on E floor, a similar but smaller and thinner corridor.
An example of a famous corridor scene would be The Shining.